In a Storm of Change, What Is Your Anchor?

Are you living in a storm of change? Has change become the constant of your life? What do you hang onto? There is an anchor that never changes!
I’m living in a storm of change. Changes with my parents. Changes with Tim’s parents. Changes with my kids. An increase in my volunteer time. A decrease in my time with God. (oops!) It seems that every time I turn around, things are no longer as they once were. Right now, it seems that change is the constant. With all this change, I need an anchor–something, Someone who does not change.

My two 18-year-old “kids” are eagerly (and somewhat anxiously) looking toward their futures. This process of change is not always peaceful! One of them is in the middle of hurdling a series of obstacles. Each one seems insurmountable. But as she moves forward, sometimes with a bit of trepidation, she overcomes. My “adult child” is making adult decisions with great grace. The other one is also overcoming challenges on the road to independent adulthood. Paperwork upon paperwork. But he is gaining maturity as he diligently pursues his goals.

I’ve written before about my dear mother-in-love. She lives with dementia–her partner in life now for over 10 years. Dementia is a cruel and unwelcome companion—slowly stealing the mind, body, and soul of its host. Yes, we are in that latter stage where rarely do we see glimpses of her true self. Words of tenderness and love are exchanged for words of anger and hate. Impulse control is traded for reactionary behavior.

It’s not just people who change. The political climate in our country is changing. Just when you figured out Facebook, the designers change that, too. If you live in Texas, you know what they say about the weather. If you don’t like it, stick around a little while. It’ll change. Those words have never been truer than for this winter. One day I’m wearing pants and long sleeves. The next I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops.

The truth is, everything changes. Every thing. Every person.
People, relationships, circumstances. Nothing stays the same.

Except for One.

Regardless of how we change, how the people around us change, or how our circumstances are upended–Jesus Christ remains the same.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

God never changes.

“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.” (James 1:17)

More importantly, no matter what we do or how we act, God’s nature and His love for us are constant. Psalm 136 is a beautiful list of the many times God showed His faithful love to Israel by rescuing her from her enemies and leading her to safety. Following each mention of His deliverance and provision are the words

” … his faithful love endures forever.” (Psalm 136:1)

Israel was repeatedly unfaithful to God. Yet His love was (and is) constant. He delivered them from their oppressors and provided for their needs. That’s important to me. Because I mess up. A lot. Ask my kids. They won’t lie to you. but God still loves me. And He loves you!

Who of us doesn’t have regrets?
Who sometimes wishes they could have a redo?

It’s part of our human condition. The good news is that, even on our worst days, God loves us as much as He always has (2 Timothy 2:13). Because God is love (1 John 4:7-8).

When we’re overwhelmed by a storm of change …

When we’re overwhelmed with change, chances are it’s because we can’t reverse our situation. And we want to. We’re there. We’re living it. Stuck in the messy middle. But there is hope for us.

I recall a scene from the movie “Twister.” Jo and Bill Harding have been chasing tornadoes all day. They hope to deploy a device into a twister so it can capture storm data for use in providing effective, early warning systems. At the end of the movie, they get too close to one, and it’s clear they are going to end up in the direct path of an F5 storm. They look everywhere for some place they can anchor themselves so they can ride out the storm. They find a pipe that goes into a deep well, and they strap themselves on. The unforgettable scene shows them hanging on for dear life as their bodies are blown around and lifted up by the tornado. But they never get swept away. Finally, the twister dies and they survive.

That’s the kind of anchor we need when we are living in a storm of change. When change becomes the constant, we need the Constant Who never changes.

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What, or who, has changed in your life?

Have you lost a friend or a loved one?
Do you have a new boss? A new pastor?
Do you have a new job? Did you lose a job? Did your ministry change?
Do you have children leaving home?
Did disaster strike your home?

I might not have listed “your change.” But you know what it is. You may have many changes occurring in your life today. How are you holding up? Are you overwhelmed? What are you hanging on to?

We have a strong Anchor. You can trust Him with your change.

 let us go right into the presence of God with sincere hearts fully trusting him … Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” (Hebrews 10:22-23)

His promise? To give us the strength we need to get through every storm of change that comes our way (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). Will you meet me in His presence? Let’s hang on together!



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16 replies

  1. As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, change is my worst nightmare. My spirit requires lots of time, prayer, discussion, and reflection to adjust to new people, places, and circumstances. I cannot imagine how I would handle change without God’s unconditional love and grace. Your words perfectly expressed my gratitude for God’s constancy. Thank you for sharing them here and on the Grace & Truth Link-Up!

  2. Change is hard whenever it happens! So glad I have a stable foundation to attach to.
    What a huge blessing-He never changes!

  3. I have a new pastor after 30 years with the old and the change is a bit rocky. As you know, my kids are leaving the nest/returning/leaving again. Mom and dad continue to decline/forget important details (like not starting the car with the garage door closed – ACK). I know this change of which you speak.

    And friend, everything seems to happen at once in this stage of life, doesn’t it? I know you’re excited about your kids and you want to participate in major events and yet you’re pulled in the direction of the elderly. I SO get that! It’s so hard. But God had some reason for making it all happen at the same time (Idk why I do NOT understand but He does so I’ll try to be quiet.)

    Friend, just know that I’m praying for you and I think of you often as I see little pieces of your life flit by my screen. Hang in there – your anchor is strong!

    (And so is mine!)

    Your CBB buddy-in-love 🙂

    • Oh, Ruthie … thisbword of encouragement is just what I needed! Yes to all you said. The pull in different directions is a real test of priorities. As you can see … family is first these days. And it’s good … anywho … I love that you get me … love you, Ruthie!

  4. Yes, we truly do have a Strong Anchor even when it feels like the waves might swamp us! Thanks for taking us back to Scripture. I loved this!

  5. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of our Faithful God who never changes. I’ve been through so much change the last 2 or 3 years really. He has been my shelter. I know my second child still at home won’t be here much longer. He will be my shelter. So good to remember we have hope like an anchor to the soul.

    • Your children are beautiful, Betsy. I know you’re praying, as I am, that they will know God as their shelter and anchor more and more throughout their lives!

  6. Dianne – Change is at least one thing, constant. I used to not like changes of any kind. Change of fiends, living locations, new church, new job etc…. but then I realized change is the one constant thing. For everything there is a time and a season…. God is the constant, steady, unchanging one and as we lean into Him, He helps us to navigate that change. over the last few years, a lot of things changed in my life and I wrote about it on my blog. I appreciate your words today and the reminder that God is our anchor in the midst of change. Thanks for sharing, we are neighbors at #RaRaLinkup & #TestimonyTuesday today

    • Thanks, Debbie. I love your reminder that for everything there is a time and a season … so yes, when change occurs, we know God allows to accomplish His purposes. I’ll be heading over to your blog shortly! 😉

  7. so rich and good Dianne! We all try and hold on..I wrote about suddenly feeling, we cannot control the natural parts of life, the ups and downs, the thinning skin, our kids leaving home..the aging of your’s life but you remind us of where we anchor ..our great and mighty God is our rest and salvation! Love this and beautiful scripture!

    • Oh, Kathy … thank you so much for coming by and sharing your heart … no, we cannot control the natural changes of living in this world. I’m getting to know that thinning skin … but, here it is. Yes … thankfully God stays the same!

  8. What a sweet reminder! I’m featuring this post in the Grace and Truth link up tomorrow.

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