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What were you born to do? Chasing Famous, by Lisa Lloyd, shows you how to joyfully step into the role God designed just for you.
It’s always a privilege to read and review a book for a fellow writer. Before reading Chasing Famous, I did not know Lisa Lloyd. So I did a little googling to find out what I could about her and her ministry. I was intrigued when I found the trailer for her book on YouTube. Then I learned that she is an actor and (obviously) an engaging speaker. I couldn’t wait to sit down with my copy of her book and see what it was all about. Within a few pages, God spoke to my heart. I knew this book, wasn’t just “one more book to read and review.” Instead, God had a message designed for me.

In Chasing Famous, Lisa Lloyd shows us how to “lengthen, elevate, and radiate” the fame of God’s Name in our personal stories, our talents, and in our everyday activities. Lisa titles each chapter with a term specific to the acting business. And then draws parallels for our Christian lives. Lisa includes thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter to drive home the truth she wants us to understand.

Many months ago, God spoke to me about my motives for serving Him. His word was clear. So I wouldn’t forget, I put a sticky note on my computer. Often sticky notes left for long periods of time blend into the landscape of my desk. Not this one. I continue to read it every day. And every time I do, it’s my prayer for my writing ministry.

In Chapter One, “The Cast List,” once again, God reminded me to keep my motives pure. Lisa says, although “we’re not all actors … we’re all striving to see our names on a ‘cast list’ of some kind. To be selected, wanted, needed.” Lisa challenges us to rethink our motives for serving God. She reminds us that the talents God gives us are not for shining the spot light on ourselves, but for the “elevation of His name and His fame.”

Chapter Ten, “Booking the Job” is about following God’s call on our lives. Lisa gets right to the heart of the matter. Although we feel up-to-the-task of many things, often we don’t feel adequate or qualified to do the things God wants us to do. And that’s ok. Lisa shares, “God’s call is seldom easy. That’s because His call requires Him. And so we are never in a more perfect place to live out our calling than when we feel completely inadequate.” When others see God working through us, He makes Himself famous. And that’s the overarching call of our lives.

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Chapter Seventeen, “Stage Moms,” was especially meaningful for me. Rich in parenting principles, Lisa encourages us to “parent with the end in mind.” She tackles difficult subjects, including obedience, purity of mind and body, forgiveness, and relationships. She reminds us that we never stop being parents. I am ending one phase of parenting and moving into another. My kids are older. Two graduate from high school this year. Next year my youngest graduates. Sometimes I feel like the guts of parenting is over. But it’s not! I still have opportunities to parent with the end in mind. We never quit being parents. True, our job changes over time. But we can still influence our children in positive ways.

One of the most touching parts in her book, is Lisa’s story about how God loved her through her sin and set her free. I won’t spoil it by sharing the details. I will say that Lisa encourages us not to remain silent about how God is working through the yucky stuff in our own lives. When our sin is no longer hidden behind a mask of Christian piety and propriety, we are truly free, not bound by the secrets of them. When we are vulnerable with others, they feel more comfortable sharing their vulnerabilities.

What were you born to do? Chasing Famous, by Lisa Lloyd, shows you how to joyfully step into the role God designed just for you.

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I recommend Chasing Famous! Especially if you are struggling to find and understand God’s purpose for your life. It’s easy to read, and Lisa’s own story is one we can all relate to. In fact, by the time you finish reading it, you may discover you’ve found a new friend. 🙂

I received a complimentary copy of Chasing Famous in exchange for an unbiased review. Go here to see what others are saying about Chasing Famous.

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Lisa is a speaker, emcee, actor, and writer. Since receiving her bachelor of fine arts in theater from Southern Methodist University, Lisa has been featured in many major performance mediums, including television programs and commercials, highway billboards, and theater. She is a highly sought-after speaker at women’s retreats, conferences, and events across the country. She and her husband Markus live in McKinney, Texas, and have two boys. You can follow Lisa on her blog and across social media @lisajlloyd. And, you can purchase your copy of Chasing Famous at Amazon and other great book sellers!
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