31 Days of Living WITHOUT

What does it mean to live--without? Some people live without hope. God says live without grumbling! If we are His, He sees us without blemish. #write31daysThis year I am participating in the October 2015, 31-Day Writing Challenge, hosted by Crystal Stine at her write31days site. Bloggers choose one topic to write about for 31 days. We link up on her site, and there you can read posts on a variety of topics by many more people.

This is new for me. Just the idea of writing every single day for 31 days in a row is daunting. To write on one topic for 31 days almost has me on the floor!

But I believe this is the direction God wants me to take, and the topic is one God has put His finger on in my own life.

I’m going to be digging deep into what it means to live–without. For 31 days, I will examine Scriptures that have the idea of without as their theme.

While doing that, my personal without will be based on Philippians 2:14.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. (Philippians 2:14-16a, NIV).

In addition, I’m going to do a little bit of scaling down by giving away or throwing away two or three things each day. Thus doing without some of the clutter that has accumulated in my world.

Honestly, this theme isn’t negative. Yes, God has directed us to live without certain things or attitudes so that we more closely reflect His nature. But because of Christ, there is so much more that we get to live without!

This is home base for each of the 31 posts. Some will be in-depth, but most of them will be relatively short. Posts will go live to my social media outlets by 8:00 a.m. CST. If you aren’t on social media at that time and think you might miss my posts in your newsfeed, bookmark this page and you can keep up with me on your own schedule. Or, any time you are on my site, you can just click on the button in the right sidebar.

SO! Come along and join me as I explore and write for 31 Days of Living WITHOUT!

Oct 1 – Grumbling Reveals an Unsatisfied Heart

Oct 2 – Will You Grumble or Give Grace?

Oct 3 – Pray WITHOUT Ceasing

Oct 4 – Worshiping WITHOUT Anger

Oct 5 – Give WITHOUT Expecting Anything Back

Oct 6 – Accept One Another WITHOUT Quarreling

Oct 7 – Be Satisfied WITHOUT Comparing Yourself with Others

Oct 8 – Quarrels Die WITHOUT Gossip

Oct 9 – Running Your Race WITHOUT Obstacles

Oct 10 – Building WITHOUT a Solid Foundation

Oct 11 – Worship–Jesus, Firm Foundation

Oct 12 – Jesus Christ, Our Lamb WITHOUT Blemish

Oct 13 – We are NOT WITHOUT Hope

Oct 14 – We Can’t Please God WITHOUT Faith

Oct 15 – In Christ, You Are WITHOUT Condemnation!

Oct 16 – Repentance WITHOUT Regret

Oct 17 – How Will They Hear WITHOUT Someone Telling Them?

Oct 18 – Worship–At the Cross (Love Ran Red)

Oct 19 – God’s Word Never Returns WITHOUT Accomplishing Everything He Intended

Oct 20 – Like Sheep WITHOUT a Shepherd

Oct 21 – They Speak WITHOUT Saying a Word

Oct 22 – Only One WITHOUT Sin Can Judge

Oct 23 – WITH Great Joy WITHOUT a Single Fault

Oct 24 – Not a Sparrow Falls WITHOUT Your Father Knowing

Oct 25 – Worship–Shepherd

Oct 26 – Plans Fail WITHOUT Wisdom and Guidance

Oct 27 – Faith WITHOUT Good Works Is Useless

Oct 28 – WITHOUT God There Is Nothing!

Oct 29 – WITHOUT Me You Can Do Nothing

Oct 30 – WITHOUT Blood There Is No Forgiveness

Oct 31 – Because of Jesus, We Are WITHOUT Blemish!