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  • Fear Fighting–REVIEW

    Do you struggle with fear? Are you a fear dweller? You can be a Fear Fighter! Check out Kelly Balarie's new book FEAR FIGHTING! #fearfightingbook

    I’ve known Kelly “virtually” for a couple of years through her blog and periscope posts. But I met Kelly personally at a conference in Dallas last summer. She’s the real deal–the same in person as she is online. Beautiful smile, filled with energy and a deep love for God.  I was tickled when she invited me to be a part of her launch team. In her new book, FEAR FIGHTING, Kelly shares, with gut-level honesty, stories about herself and others and how they overcome fear. Notice I didn’t say overcame. Kelly doesn’t claim to have fear licked, but she has learned a ton… Read More ›

  • Help When You Need It

    Are you facing a task that seems beyond your ability? Do you need more help than you can muster? God stands ready to give you all the help you need!

    A few weeks ago God gave me an assignment. Not one that I didn’t have experience for. But one that required the best of me–or, better than my current best. Even better said, I needed help and all God could give for me to complete it well. The assignment? Enter a writing contest. The prize? A scholarship to a premier writers conference. Writing the article was not horribly scary, but the thought of winning terrified me. Because that would require even more of me–my abilities, my time, my courage–than I possess. At first I wondered if participating in this writing contest was… Read More ›

  • Fear Fighting: By Knowing Who IS

    Do you fight fear? You can live in peace instead. Join others who are fear fighting. Breaking free & boldly moving forward in God's peace, purpose, and joy.

    I’m blessed to be among a group of women who are promoting Kelly’s new book, Fear Fighting: Awakening the Courage to Overcome Your Fears. As part of that, I’m doubly blessed to have Kelly share her heart with you today. Enjoy!! ~~~~~~~~~ My son and I drove over a bridge we’d driven over a hundred and one times. It happened to be dark. Very dark. Son, let me ask you a question, “How do you know that water is still there?” He said, “Well Mommy, I know it is there because it’s just how it is. Water goes there.” I… Read More ›

  • 3 Steps for Giving the Gift of Peace

    Looking for the perfect gift for your family? Sometimes the best gifts can't be bought. You can bless your family with the beautiful gift of peace.

    I thought I was finished blogging for the year with the Christmas post I published a couple of weeks ago. But then, some life happened, and God moved in my heart. This, I must share with you. Did you know that one of the best gifts we can give this Christmas is the gift of peace to those we love? When my children were very young, one of the first things we taught them was to grant forgiveness when they were offended. A typical situation went like this: Sibling #1 broke sibling #2’s toy. We had them face each other and began… Read More ›

  • How To Keep Focused On Christ This Christmas

    Christmas can be a magical time for families, but if we're not careful in our busyness, we might find ourselves not focused on Christ.

    Several years ago our family took a Christmas trip to New York City … Wow. New York is an incredible place to visit. But during Christmas—it is magical. We immersed ourselves in the city. We rode the subway, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and ate from food trucks. Our kids ice-skated in Bryant Park on Christmas Eve. We visited Ground Zero on Christmas Day. During the most wonderful time of the year, our eyes were on a million wonderful things—but we missed THE most wonderful thing. It wasn’t intentional, but in the midst of the magic, we missed Jesus.   Today is a redux… Read More ›

  • A Not-So Silent Night

    Do you love the well-known Christmas Carol, "Silent Night"? It's one of my favorites, too. But maybe it wasn't so silent after all.

    Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright. Sounds a lot like most of the nativity sets I have in my home. Beautiful, breakable. Set just so. I do love this old, German/Austrian Christmas carol. It’s a favorite of many. As a young girl, I remember trying to slide into that high note at the end–not so beautifully–as evidenced by the adults staring and winking in my direction. Yes … favorite, tender lyrics. But are they an accurate depiction for the night of Jesus’ birth? It most certainly was a holy night. But it I don’t think it… Read More ›

  • When You Find Your Lost Treasure

    Ever been on a treasure hunt for something that was priceless to you? If you found it, how did you feel? God knows what it's like to find lost treasure too.

    Recently I read a story about a woman who lost one of her ten silver coins. Today, an ounce of silver is worth about the cost of a moderately priced meal. For this woman, each coin was worth about a day’s wage. She had lost 10% of her savings. The story says that she lit a lamp, swept the entire house, and searched carefully for it. When she finally found it, she invited her friends over and had a party (Luke 15:8-10)! I see myself so clearly in this parable. Maybe because I’m a woman and the story is about a woman. But… Read More ›