Book Reviews

Chasing Famous–REVIEW

It’s always a privilege to read and review a book for a fellow writer. Before reading Chasing Famous, I did not know Lisa Lloyd. So I did a little googling to find out what I could about her and her ministry. I was intrigued when I found the trailer for her book on YouTube. Then I learned that she is an actor and (obviously) an engaging speaker. I couldn’t wait to sit down with my copy of her book and see what it was all about. Within a few pages, God spoke to my heart. I knew this book, wasn’t just “one more… Read More ›

Fear Fighting–REVIEW

I’ve known Kelly “virtually” for a couple of years through her blog and periscope posts. But I met Kelly personally at a conference in Dallas last summer. She’s the real deal–the same in person as she is online. Beautiful smile, filled with energy and a deep love for God.  I was tickled when she invited me to be a part of her launch team. In her new book, FEAR FIGHTING, Kelly shares, with gut-level honesty, stories about herself and others and how they overcome fear. Notice I didn’t say overcame. Kelly doesn’t claim to have fear licked, but she has learned a ton… Read More ›

Fear Fighting: By Knowing Who IS

I’m blessed to be among a group of women who are promoting Kelly’s new book, Fear Fighting: Awakening the Courage to Overcome Your Fears. As part of that, I’m doubly blessed to have Kelly share her heart with you today. Enjoy!! ~~~~~~~~~ My son and I drove over a bridge we’d driven over a hundred and one times. It happened to be dark. Very dark. Son, let me ask you a question, “How do you know that water is still there?” He said, “Well Mommy, I know it is there because it’s just how it is. Water goes there.” I… Read More ›

Count to Nine–Interview with Ruthie Gray

UPDATE: Congratulations to Heidi, who won Ruthie’s ebook and Bonus printables! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of mine, Ruthie Gray. She is the author of Count to Nine: 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Anger and Frustration. You can read my review of Ruthie’s book here. I met Ruthie in a blogging course (Christian Blogger’s Bootcamp) about a year ago. She is one of my favorite classmates! Partly, because she is amazingly funny. But also because she has successfully launched her four kids! Her wisdom has been a source of encouragement for me as the launching years for… Read More ›

Count to 9–REVIEW

I have a vivid memory from when one of my kids was about 4 or 5. I don’t remember the exact situation, but I remember the emotion. Things weren’t going quite the way one of my children wanted them to go. That child responded in anger like I had never seen. The screaming (at me) made me stop in my tracks. This child was my mild-mannered one. The response was totally unexpected. My first thought was, “Oh, no! What have I done?!?! My child has adopted my manner of handling frustration and anger!” My next thought was, “I need to… Read More ›

Oh, the Joy!

This post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes” Blog Tour, which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers.  To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE. ( I’m an extrovert, usually a very happy sanguine—except when my schedule is so full I can’t think. At those times, I find myself desperately desiring the solitude that an introvert enjoys. Many, many years ago, I kept an incredibly hectic schedule (with both business and ministry) and thought I managed it exceptionally well. (What did I know?) But one day, the Lord halted all… Read More ›