When Blessing Others Becomes Second Nature

Last week I shared about the importance of blessing others with our spoken words. God continues to show me its significance, especially when blessing others becomes second nature. Once again, a story about my dear mother-in-law. Although dementia consumes her mind, she does have moments of clarity. Even in those moments, she has difficulty communicating. If you pay attention, though, you can understand what she wants you to know. A little over a week ago she fell and fractured her arm. A few days later she visited her orthopedist. And the conversation she had with her intake nurse is one I’ll not soon forget. As “J” asked… Read More ›

A Curve In The Road

My dad’s brother passed away yesterday and we are on our way to the out-of-state funeral. That said, though I have been kind of silent on my blog for a bit, there will be a little more. But I wanted to leave you with a brief note, letting you know where I am–and to ask you to remember my family in your prayers. I’m blessed to have my daddy with me. He and I will be enjoying a road trip together for the next few days.

Getting Ready for the DECLARE Conference

I’m attending the DECLARE Conference at the end of July in Dallas. I was excited to discover a Christian blogging conference close to me! I love both the east and west coasts, but they are a fer piece to travel for this Texas girl. In preparation for DECLARE, those attending are writing “get-to-know-you” posts and linking up on the DECLARE blog. We’re supposed to include a current photo. Well, most of my current photos are from SnapChat (loving my loves’ loves!), so I had to step outside and take one–uhm, it’s time for fresh color! I live in the growing city of… Read More ›


Welcome to November! On the heals of yesterday’s post, Because of Jesus, We are WITHOUT Blemish, I thought we could worship together today to MercyMe’s song, “Flawless.” The Cross. Far from flawless. Rough. Splintered. Sharp. Filled with shame. Jesus took it all for us. MercyMe’s song “Flawless,”1 reminds us that that no matter how messed up we are, Jesus makes us perfect–Flawless! The lyrics are included with the video. Let these words of grace wash over your soul.     ================ Tulip Image: Pixabay 1MercyMe. Flawlesss. Fair Trade Services, 2014. CD.  


Bethel Music’s song “Shepherd”1 is new for me. I love how it speaks to God’s care and strength for us when we are weak. How He leads us by the hand. The lyrics are included in the video. Enjoy!       ==== 1Cook, Amanda. Shepherd. Bethel Music, 2015, CD.

Worship–At the Cross (Love Ran Red)

This week we’ve taken a good look at God’s great gift of Salvation. Jesus Christ was God’s perfect, acceptable sacrifice for our sin. Because of Christ, we are not condemned. Jesus Christ alone is our firm foundation. Jesus Christ is our beautiful hope and the reason for our faith. We must tell others! How will they hear unless we tell them!     Today we worship with a song from Chris Tomlin. “At the Cross (Love Ran Red)” There’s a place where mercy reigns and never dies, There’s a place where streams of grace flow deep and wide. Where all the love I’ve… Read More ›

Five Minute Friday: Ten

It’s time for Five Minute Friday! With a busy summer schedule, I’m grateful for the opportunity to laser-focus on a topic for a brief moment, and then share something poignant that God is doing in my life. I’m especially thankful for today’s prompt, as it caused me to bring my own focus back to where it needs to be. Today’s prompt: Ten Our summer has been full! Although we’ve had some unpleasant surprises, most of it has been fun. My kids were ministry focused for four weeks. When they weren’t doing that, we picked blueberries, saw some downtown murals, went… Read More ›