Sweeter with God

Are You Building WITHOUT a Solid Foundation?

It was a beautiful, spring day. Our family decided to have a picnic on the Bolivar Peninsula. We took the ferry from the end of Galveston Island over to Bolivar Point, and made our way to the park. After we ate, we decided to walk along the beach and take some pictures of the kids. As usual, we had to get into the water a little ways. I rolled up my pants legs (a brand new pair of jeans I had just bought as a reward for having lost a significant amount of weight), and headed out. The sand was unusually… Read More ›

Running Your Race WITHOUT Obstacles

I ran out to the backyard to get something without paying attention to what was in front of me. There is nothing quite like walking into a spider web. Entangled in its mess is terrifying, frustrating, and gross all at the same time. Instead of taking care of what I went out there for, I was wiping wispy spider web from my arms and legs. By the time I got out of the mess, I had completely lost my focus and forgotten what I needed. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let… Read More ›

Worshiping WITHOUT Anger

Sunday mornings in a house full of teenagers. Two showers, practically five adults getting ready at the same time. Three of them female. Two of them teenagers with long hair. One in peri-menopause who needs to shower first in order to escape the resulting heat left in the bathroom. It’s always a flurry of activity. Sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Sometimes … things get downright rough. Then what? We’re supposed to go to church and worship! Change the scenario. Still a family getting ready for church. But this family has small children who need help getting dressed. Maybe one has an… Read More ›

Pray WITHOUT Ceasing

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). I’m just about ready to move off of the “grumbling” topic for write31days and move on to others. But since I mentioned this verse in Day 1, it seems appropriate for now. Pray without ceasing (NASB). Pray continually (NIV). Never stop praying (NLT). Pray constantly (HCSB). I think the easiest way to think of “praying without ceasing” is simply to view it as an ongoing dialog with the Lord throughout the day. Sometimes people will ask me if I’m talking to myself. If… Read More ›

Introduction to My write31days — 31 Days of Living WITHOUT

This year I am participating in the October 2015, 31-Day Writing Challenge, hosted by Crystal Stine at her write31days site. Bloggers choose one topic to write about for 31 days. We link up on her site, and there you can read posts on a variety of topics by many more people. This is new for me. Just the idea of writing every single day for 31 days in a row is daunting. To write on one topic for 31 days almost has me on the floor! But I believe this is the direction God wants me to take, and the topic is one God has put… Read More ›

Are You Drowning, Desperate, Confused? What Is Your Lifeline?

I stood in a wide hallway, crowded with bewildered parents–all in a rush to find their way to the next class. In an attempt to block out the noise, I pressed my phone tightly to my ear so I could hear my daughter’s voice. I had just five minutes to make it from one end of the school to the other. I was desperate to hear her instructions … Go down the long hallway … Turn right and then go down the stairs … Go outside into the next building … Turn right and go up another flight of stairs …… Read More ›

Hope That Does Not Disappoint

My kids figured me out. When they asked me something like, “Mom, can we …. ??” My answer was, Maybe. A couple of years ago, one of my daughters finally said, “Mom, don’t say Maybe anymore. Because what you really mean is No. If No is the answer, just say it, and then I don’t have to wonder, and then get upset because I thought I might get to do something.” Ouch! I thought I was protecting them from disappointment by not saying No from the beginning. Plus, there was a chance it could happen. And if I said we could, and it… Read More ›