Growing with God

When You Are So Empty, Your Heart Hurts

My son’s wallet was stolen, and he experienced the loss on many levels. Lost cash, lost Drivers License, lost time with his girlfriend. Lost time for me, too. Hanging out at the DMV all day is pretty much the opposite of how we wanted to spend one of our last days of summer. Standing for hours, sitting for hours in chairs that make your tush go to sleep, engaging (or trying not to engage) with people who are looking for a reason to argue. Just ugh! The trip to the DMV turned into two trips to two different offices. In all, we waited over 5 hours…for 3 minutes of service.

Are You Captivated By Love?

What captures your attention–and holds it? I don’t mean things that occupy your time or preoccupy your thoughts–like social media feeds, games, or TV shows. What is something beautiful that attracts you, charms you, fascinates and delights you–enthralls you! For me, I’m easily preoccupied with this blog site–making sure it is not only pretty, but clean and easy to read. You could say that, in some ways, it’s distracting. But I’m captivated by my kids. I love to watch and listen to my son play his guitar. Just hearing him practice brings me great delight. I’m over the moon when I’m watching… Read More ›

When You Want To Worry

My 16-year-old daughter just got her drivers license. What an exciting day! But it didn’t start out that way. It started with a plea to practice parallel parking—one.more.time. And so we did. It wasn’t her best execution of the skill–which resulted in an emotional moment. Then we headed to the DPS office–only to realize that the paperwork was still at home. So back we went. More emotion. As we headed out, there were a few more unexpected events that created more emotional moments. My girl was so worried about her driving test, she was making mistakes that normally she would… Read More ›

Is Jesus Your Best Friend?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I have a growing list of post ideas, but none of them resonated with me. So I asked one of my daughters for an idea. She said, “Yesterday was National Best Friend Day.” And then she asked, “Who is your best friend?” Hmmmm … I’ve written a lot about friendship with God lately. But I think this idea is a good one! So I let it percolate for a little bit, and then the words came. I am blessed to have enjoyed many deep friendships throughout my life. At different times I’ve enjoyed “a… Read More ›

Have You Placed God In The Friend-Zone?

Not too long ago one of my daughters was telling me about a series of texts she had with a boy who had a serious crush on her. She made it clear that she liked him very much—as friends—but only friends. He didn’t quite get the message. When she didn’t respond to his persistent wooing, she eventually texted him, “Do you need me to walk you back to the friend-zone?” This is another teenage idiom I hear quite often. The friend-zone is a dreadful place. When someone you have feelings for puts you in the friend-zone, there you stay—with no… Read More ›

Are You and God Friends with Benefits?

A couple of weeks ago I was challenged to consider the idiom, friends with benefits, in regard to our relationship with God. I certainly raised my eyebrows! In our culture, this phrase describes a relationship between two people that crosses the boundary of friendship and moves into the area of sexual intimacy. But the relationship does not include the “strings” that go along with an exclusive, intimate relationship. In fact, friends with benefits is the opposite of what true friendship is. True friendship is committed, self-sacrificing, and seeks the best for another. Friends with benefits is self-serving and self-gratifying, without regard… Read More ›

Returning to Leather and Paper

I remember when I first got my iPad. I was substitute teaching and saved every penny to get it. I have incredibly powerful Bible study software on my desktop computer, and I was looking forward to taking advantage of its companion tablet app. It did not disappoint. From the time I got my iPad, I used it almost exclusively for my daily quiet time. I took it to church in place of my leather Bible. It’s been great! But after four years, I am returning to leather and paper. We are now officially in the season of Lent, the six… Read More ›