Sweeter with God

3 Simple Ways to Please God

When I was in college, I was caught up in external, visible displays of my faith. So much so, that I felt it was my calling to “check up” on the people in my circle of influence. I would often greet friends with, “Hi Lisa! How are you today? How was your quiet time?” And if she looked at me funny and said, “Quiet time? I didn’t have one today,”

God Has The Best Plan

Often I hear people say, “God is good.” And He is! But it doesn’t always feel like it. In recent years, I hear more people saying, “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.” And He is! Even when it doesn’t feel like it. I’m learning that in a new way these days–that God has the best plan. It’s not really a “new lesson.” But God has me back in the classroom of life, learning to trusting Him with His plans for me.

When God Supplies All You Need

Two weeks ago, my dad and I headed off on a road trip together to attend the funeral of his older brother. Although the reason for the trip was a sad one, the time I shared with my dad was a treasure. When I was young, our family took lots of trips together, arriving at our destinations late into the night. For this trip, we originally scheduled two days of driving, so that we wouldn’t do that and then be too tired when we arrived. By dinnertime, however, we decided that in this case, it was best to push ahead so we would be more rested the next day, rather than tired from driving. I knew I needed strength that only God supplies.

When You Are So Empty, Your Heart Hurts

My son’s wallet was stolen, and he experienced the loss on many levels. Lost cash, lost Drivers License, lost time with his girlfriend. Lost time for me, too. Hanging out at the DMV all day is pretty much the opposite of how we wanted to spend one of our last days of summer. Standing for hours, sitting for hours in chairs that make your tush go to sleep, engaging (or trying not to engage) with people who are looking for a reason to argue. Just ugh! The trip to the DMV turned into two trips to two different offices. In all, we waited over 5 hours…for 3 minutes of service.

Do You Need to Know? It’s OK Not to Know

Our family watches something on TV and an actor or actress appears on the screen. We think, Hey… who is that? What were they in? It niggles at my brain and I need to know! So I pull up my trusty movie database app, and find out who it is and where we’ve seen them.

When is that package arriving? No problem. I check the online shipping schedule, and can know within a few hours when a package will arrive at my house.

Finishing Forward

My two older kids just had their cap and gown pictures taken. A few days prior, my husband was going through pictures on his computer and came across a few of them as toddlers. What a difference! It sounds trite to say, but as the parent of high school seniors, it’s a rite of passage! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were pulling them around the cul-de-sac in their little red, Radio Flyer wagon. I stood to the side as the photographer’s staff chose the right sizes for them. While one was being photographed in her cap and gown, the… Read More ›

Are You Captivated By Love?

What captures your attention–and holds it? I don’t mean things that occupy your time or preoccupy your thoughts–like social media feeds, games, or TV shows. What is something beautiful that attracts you, charms you, fascinates and delights you–enthralls you! For me, I’m easily preoccupied with this blog site–making sure it is not only pretty, but clean and easy to read. You could say that, in some ways, it’s distracting. But I’m captivated by my kids. I love to watch and listen to my son play his guitar. Just hearing him practice brings me great delight. I’m over the moon when I’m watching… Read More ›