Welcome to November! On the heals of yesterday’s post, Because of Jesus, We are WITHOUT Blemish, I thought we could worship together today to MercyMe’s song, “Flawless.” The Cross. Far from flawless. Rough. Splintered. Sharp. Filled with shame. Jesus took it all for us. MercyMe’s song “Flawless,”1 reminds us that that no matter how messed up we are, Jesus makes us perfect–Flawless! The lyrics are included with the video. Let these words of grace wash over your soul.     ================ Tulip Image: Pixabay 1MercyMe. Flawlesss. Fair Trade Services, 2014. CD.  


Bethel Music’s song “Shepherd”1 is new for me. I love how it speaks to God’s care and strength for us when we are weak. How He leads us by the hand. The lyrics are included in the video. Enjoy!       ==== 1Cook, Amanda. Shepherd. Bethel Music, 2015, CD.

They Speak WITHOUT Saying A Word

Our family loves to camp. Preferably some place where it’s quiet and city lights are far away. We are blessed to have dear friends who share their property with us. One of our favorite things is to lie down on the ground, and watch the sky on a cloudless night. The moon and the stars provide more than enough to light the area. Falling stars are easy to spot–along with the Milky Way. It seems like we could lie there for hours. It’s incredibly peaceful. I love to watch the sunrise–rays filtered through the tall trees and cold morning fog–reflected on… Read More ›

Like Sheep WITHOUT a Shepherd

Have you ever seen this? A person walking down the hallway, a grocery aisle, maybe even through a parking lot. Head bowed, eyes focused on their smart phone. Oblivious to what’s going on around them–even if it’s danger. Maybe it’s your teen. Maybe it’s been you. (I must admit, it has been me.) Sheep are like that. When they are eating, they have their heads down in the grass. They don’t look up. They just go where the grass is–even if it means falling off of a cliff because they didn’t look up. Because they don’t pay attention to where they… Read More ›

Worship–Jesus, Firm Foundation

I love that we can worship the Lord any time. I especially love that there is worship music for any taste. Here is a relatively new song, inspired by the traditional hymn, “How Firm a Foundation.” Worship for your Sunday morning that focuses on Jesus Christ–our firm foundation! WITHOUT Christ as our firm foundation, our lives end in shambles.   Enjoy Mike Donehey’s “Jesus, Firm Foundation.”1   1Donehey, Mike, Steven Curtis. Chapman, and Mark Hall, writers. Jesus, Firm Foundation. Hymns of Worship. Provident Label Group, 2013, CD.

Worshiping WITHOUT Anger

Sunday mornings in a house full of teenagers. Two showers, practically five adults getting ready at the same time. Three of them female. Two of them teenagers with long hair. One in peri-menopause who needs to shower first in order to escape the resulting heat left in the bathroom. It’s always a flurry of activity. Sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Sometimes … things get downright rough. Then what? We’re supposed to go to church and worship! Change the scenario. Still a family getting ready for church. But this family has small children who need help getting dressed. Maybe one has an… Read More ›

Clearing the Cobwebs

I wish I could pinpoint why it’s been so difficult for me to write lately. I feel like my mind is mush. Full of stuff, yet nothing of substance. Some of the non-substance is the list of rooms that need to be dusted. Mine in particular. My name is Dianne. I can’t remember the last time I dusted my room. (Yikes!) I kept hoping one of my kids would want to make a few bucks, and do it for me. I guess they detest this particular chore as much as I do. This weekend, I got to it. We have a lot of furniture,… Read More ›