Sweeter with Others

At Home in God’s House

How often do you welcome guests with the following words: Come in! Make yourself at home! When we say those words, what we mean is … My home is your home. I want you to feel as comfortable here as you do in your own home. Take off your shoes, if you want. Put your feet on my couch! Help yourself to my refrigerator and my pantry! How many of us, when we’ve heard those words, actually live in them? When my high school friend Dee came over, she opened our refrigerator and said, “What have you got to eat… Read More ›

Treasure Your Teens by Entering Their World

When I was a teenager, my mom was my best friend. God blessed me with three Christian girl-friends from church, and we were all very close. They were a year behind me in school and attended the cross-town rival. I loved my high school experience and enjoyed many friendships—but because of my stand for Christ, I was often alone. So my sweet mom was my go-to source for comfort. She knew about every crush, every disappointment. On days that were especially difficult, I would crawl onto her bed and visit with her. If it was the afternoon and she was… Read More ›

When Blessing Others Becomes Second Nature

Last week I shared about the importance of blessing others with our spoken words. God continues to show me its significance, especially when blessing others becomes second nature. Once again, a story about my dear mother-in-law. Although dementia consumes her mind, she does have moments of clarity. Even in those moments, she has difficulty communicating. If you pay attention, though, you can understand what she wants you to know. A little over a week ago she fell and fractured her arm. A few days later she visited her orthopedist. And the conversation she had with her intake nurse is one I’ll not soon forget. As “J” asked… Read More ›

Blessing Others With Our Spoken Words

Sometimes God is so intent on your “getting something” that He practically bombards you with it at every turn. That’s what the last few weeks have been like for me. Every where I turn, every passage I read, is focused on a common theme … blessing others with my words. Not just any words, but spoken words. Yes. Words you say out loud to praise, inspire, strengthen, and encourage someone else. For me, this is primarily for my teenage “kids” who will not be teenagers much longer. Not too long ago I discovered that my daughter’s primary love language is Words of… Read More ›

3 Steps for Giving the Gift of Peace

I thought I was finished blogging for the year with the Christmas post I published a couple of weeks ago. But then, some life happened, and God moved in my heart. This, I must share with you. Did you know that one of the best gifts we can give this Christmas is the gift of peace to those we love? When my children were very young, one of the first things we taught them was to grant forgiveness when they were offended. A typical situation went like this: Sibling #1 broke sibling #2’s toy. We had them face each other and began… Read More ›

A Curve In The Road

My dad’s brother passed away yesterday and we are on our way to the out-of-state funeral. That said, though I have been kind of silent on my blog for a bit, there will be a little more. But I wanted to leave you with a brief note, letting you know where I am–and to ask you to remember my family in your prayers. I’m blessed to have my daddy with me. He and I will be enjoying a road trip together for the next few days.

Getting Ready for the DECLARE Conference

I’m attending the DECLARE Conference at the end of July in Dallas. I was excited to discover a Christian blogging conference close to me! I love both the east and west coasts, but they are a fer piece to travel for this Texas girl. In preparation for DECLARE, those attending are writing “get-to-know-you” posts and linking up on the DECLARE blog. We’re supposed to include a current photo. Well, most of my current photos are from SnapChat (loving my loves’ loves!), so I had to step outside and take one–uhm, it’s time for fresh color! I live in the growing city of… Read More ›