Lighthouse Series

My husband and I love lighthouses.  When we are on vacation, if a lighthouse is within a few miles of our route, we make a point to go see it.  Recently, we were driving through Port Lavaca and saw the old Half-Moon Reef Lighthouse on the side of the road.  Of course we pulled over. That day I decided to write my first blog Series–Lighthouses and the significance of “Light” in the Bible.  Here are the posts!  Enjoy!



  1. Half-Moon Reef Lighthouse — On Vacay for a Bit
  2. Lydia Ann Lighthouse in Port Aransas — Light Up the Night!
  3. Biloxi Lighthouse — Light for Life!
  4. Pensacola Lighthouse — Light Dispels Darkness!
  5. Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
  6. Old Point Loma and New Point Loma — JESUS is the LIGHT of the World!
  7. Bolivar Point and Galveston Jetty — What is Your Candlepower?
  8. Is Your Light Bright or Dim?



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