Sweeter Than Honey

3 Steps for Giving the Gift of Peace

I thought I was finished blogging for the year with the Christmas post I published a couple of weeks ago. But then, some life happened, and God moved in my heart. This, I must share with you. Did you know that one of the best gifts we can give this Christmas is the gift of peace to those we love? When my children were very young, one of the first things we taught them was to grant forgiveness when they were offended. A typical situation went like this: Sibling #1 broke sibling #2’s toy. We had them face each other and began… Read More ›

When You Are So Empty, Your Heart Hurts

My son’s wallet was stolen, and he experienced the loss on many levels. Lost cash, lost Drivers License, lost time with his girlfriend. Lost time for me, too. Hanging out at the DMV all day is pretty much the opposite of how we wanted to spend one of our last days of summer. Standing for hours, sitting for hours in chairs that make your tush go to sleep, engaging (or trying not to engage) with people who are looking for a reason to argue. Just ugh! The trip to the DMV turned into two trips to two different offices. In all, we waited over 5 hours…for 3 minutes of service.

Do You Need to Know? It’s OK Not to Know.

Our family watches something on TV and an actor or actress appears on the screen. We think, Hey… who is that? What were they in? It niggles at my brain and I need to know! So I pull up my trusty movie database app, and find out who it is and where we’ve seen them.

When is that package arriving? No problem. I check the online shipping schedule, and can know within a few hours when a package will arrive at my house.

When What You Want For Mother’s Day Changes

Yesterday was Mother’s Day—the day moms across America look forward to for 364 days. Breakfast in bed. Someone else to clean the kitchen for you. Receiving cards expressing appreciation and love. Maybe even a thoughtful gift. And what mom who tirelessly and selflessly serves her family doesn’t need it? She certainly deserves it! I used to look forward to those things. They are wonderful and so much fun. But my kids are older teens now—with their own lives–busy and full of everything you can imagine. Good stuff, too! With all of that, what I really wanted for Mother’s Day has… Read More ›

The Struggle is Real!

Several months ago, while dropping off one of my daughter’s friends, I heard from the backseat, Strugggulll! Apparently she was having difficulty unlatching her seatbelt. A few weeks later I heard her say, The struggle is real! Curious, I asked my girls about it. Because really, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a teenager use that word on a regular basis before. And, yes—it is part of current, urban vernacular. It and every nuance of the word: strug, struggs—even strugfest. You know what? That struggle? You bet it’s real. It’s real for every one of us. Lately, I’ve had more… Read More ›

Displaced and Distressed

Life throws its curves. Sometimes I respond fairly well. Other times, not so much. Sometimes I start out great! Later, I crater in tears. I’ve been hanging out in the latter camp–displaced and distressed. Our area has had A LOT of much-needed rain in the last several weeks. Over a week ago, a series of powerful storms came through–taking my hard drive and over 500GB of data with it–pictures, home videos, and all of my writing. Fortunately, we have a backup system in place.   Although disappointed, I was still OK. After all, I had my iPhone and my iPad. I… Read More ›

Good morning, bae

Everyone at my house recharges their devices at a central location in our home office. One morning a few weeks ago, I was  working at my desk and heard buzzing behind me. Curious to see who was texting so early, I took a quick look. One of my daughters had received her morning greeting from her boyfriend. The short message on her home screen simply said, Good morning bae. Smiling, I returned to my work. When my daughter came downstairs for school, I told her I had seen the message, and said something about “best awesome ever,” which is what I thought bae meant. (Maybe… Read More ›