This Is What We Raise Them For

This week was filled with the last of the lasts for my twin high school seniors. They officially “checked out” of our school district. Soon, they will have their high school diplomas in hand. While I was waiting in the car for my son to finish his paperwork, a friend of mine walked over to see how I was doing. I told her I had been crying, and she said with great enthusiasm, “Don’t do that! It’s going to be ok!” I responded with it being the last of the lasts. And then she said, “This is what we raise them… Read More ›

Treasure Your Teens by Entering Their World

When I was a teenager, my mom was my best friend. God blessed me with three Christian girl-friends from church, and we were all very close. They were a year behind me in school and attended the cross-town rival. I loved my high school experience and enjoyed many friendships—but because of my stand for Christ, I was often alone. So my sweet mom was my go-to source for comfort. She knew about every crush, every disappointment. On days that were especially difficult, I would crawl onto her bed and visit with her. If it was the afternoon and she was… Read More ›

Blessing Others With Our Spoken Words

Sometimes God is so intent on your “getting something” that He practically bombards you with it at every turn. That’s what the last few weeks have been like for me. Every where I turn, every passage I read, is focused on a common theme … blessing others with my words. Not just any words, but spoken words. Yes. Words you say out loud to praise, inspire, strengthen, and encourage someone else. For me, this is primarily for my teenage “kids” who will not be teenagers much longer. Not too long ago I discovered that my daughter’s primary love language is Words of… Read More ›

3 Ways to Treasure Your Teenagers in the Midst of Frustration

I  love people and love being with people. As the years go by, however, I find that I need more and more solitude. My morning quiet time is a coveted, treasured time of getting ready for the day. When my teenagers were toddlers, it was quite the feat teaching them not to come downstairs while Mom was reading her Bible. Eventually, they learned. These days, however, it’s a different story. I can’t get up early enough to have a quiet time alone. School starts at 7:15. The bus arrives at 6:30. Our home is a madhouse of teenagers getting ready from… Read More ›

Are You and God Friends with Benefits?

A couple of weeks ago I was challenged to consider the idiom, friends with benefits, in regard to our relationship with God. I certainly raised my eyebrows! In our culture, this phrase describes a relationship between two people that crosses the boundary of friendship and moves into the area of sexual intimacy. But the relationship does not include the “strings” that go along with an exclusive, intimate relationship. In fact, friends with benefits is the opposite of what true friendship is. True friendship is committed, self-sacrificing, and seeks the best for another. Friends with benefits is self-serving and self-gratifying, without regard… Read More ›

A Small Victory for This Overly-Helpful Mom

A couple of days ago I blogged about a sentence one of my daughters wrote in my Mother’s Day card:  “Thank you for being overly-helpful because I know you are just trying to make my life easier.” (You can read about it here.) God used this simple sentence to show me that, although I was trying to help my daughter through an extremely stressful situation, He was working in her life to mature her. She already had her situation under control. This overly-helpful mom had a small victory earlier this week! I started to write about it in a Facebook status, but it ended… Read More ›

When What You Want For Mother’s Day Changes

Yesterday was Mother’s Day—the day moms across America look forward to for 364 days. Breakfast in bed. Someone else to clean the kitchen for you. Receiving cards expressing appreciation and love. Maybe even a thoughtful gift. And what mom who tirelessly and selflessly serves her family doesn’t need it? She certainly deserves it! I used to look forward to those things. They are wonderful and so much fun. But my kids are older teens now—with their own lives–busy and full of everything you can imagine. Good stuff, too! With all of that, what I really wanted for Mother’s Day has… Read More ›