Treasure Your Teens by Entering Their World

When I was a teenager, my mom was my best friend. God blessed me with three Christian girl-friends from church, and we were all very close. They were a year behind me in school and attended the cross-town rival. I loved my high school experience and enjoyed many friendships—but because of my stand for Christ, I was often alone. So my sweet mom was my go-to source for comfort. She knew about every crush, every disappointment. On days that were especially difficult, I would crawl onto her bed and visit with her. If it was the afternoon and she was… Read More ›

The Only Thing That Is Mine

One of the first words little children learn is the word mine. It’s not just the word either. They learn all the emotion that goes behind it. Mine! But as believers we are taught that we don’t own anything. The psalmist tells us  that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and every other animal, as well. God owns everything (Psalm 24:1; Psalm 50:10-12)! The things that we think belong to us, really don’t. They are on-loan. Everything in our “possession” is entrusted to us–including our children. We are stewards who want to be found faithful at the end of the… Read More ›

When You Find Your Lost Treasure

Recently I read a story about a woman who lost one of her ten silver coins. Today, an ounce of silver is worth about the cost of a moderately priced meal. For this woman, each coin was worth about a day’s wage. She had lost 10% of her savings. The story says that she lit a lamp, swept the entire house, and searched carefully for it. When she finally found it, she invited her friends over and had a party (Luke 15:8-10)! I see myself so clearly in this parable. Maybe because I’m a woman and the story is about a woman. But… Read More ›

3 Ways to Treasure Your Teenagers in the Midst of Frustration

I  love people and love being with people. As the years go by, however, I find that I need more and more solitude. My morning quiet time is a coveted, treasured time of getting ready for the day. When my teenagers were toddlers, it was quite the feat teaching them not to come downstairs while Mom was reading her Bible. Eventually, they learned. These days, however, it’s a different story. I can’t get up early enough to have a quiet time alone. School starts at 7:15. The bus arrives at 6:30. Our home is a madhouse of teenagers getting ready from… Read More ›

Plans Fail WITHOUT Wisdom and Guidance

Success requires planning. Plain and simple. There is no way around it. From something as simple as getting your week’s groceries, to graduating from college, if you want to succeed, you need a plan. The more complicated your goal, the more more important it is to include guidance from people who have already walked the road before you. When you head to the grocery store without a list, invariably, you will forget something–maybe even something important for that night’s dinner or a crucial element of your son’s science project. If you are planning your semester’s college classes, you need guidance. There is… Read More ›

Leaving the Good Stuff Behind

I don’t know about y’all, but in our area cake balls are a big deal. They are as popular as gourmet cupcakes. My girls love to make them. Personally, they are too rich for me. Apparently, one of my daughters now feels the same way. It’s surprising, because she is the one who loves sweets! A grocer in our area makes these. Knowing how much my kids like them, I thought they’d make a great treat. I bought one for each of my teens, and they ate them up. A few weeks later, I decided it was time for another treat,… Read More ›

Pursuing Contentment

Last year a friend of mine posted the following for her Facebook status: ..Why is it that we feel compelled to upgrade everything in our lives? Why can’t we be more content with what we have and live more simply? Ironically, in our American culture, contentment has become a pursuit. We think that our lives will be better or easier if we have a better or newer something.  So we embark on our quest. But we’ve got it mixed up. Contentment is being satisfied with what is—whether it’s our stuff or our circumstances. Pursuit is actively seeking something else—a hunt. I… Read More ›